Slimming Down vs. Bulking Up


What’s your goal look like? Do you know how to get there? Most people can’t say they are exactly where they want to be… taking off pounds or gaining is usually on the minds of those with physical fitness goals. These 5 basic pieces of equipment are available at any gym and being able to use them to attain your goals is definitely ideal. Slimming down is usually associated with cardio, lots of cardio! But using cardio correctly will make that difference, long distances at a slower pace burn more calories, while more intensive sprints for example will help with the bulking up and strengthening of the muscles. So for those who don’t want to spend everyday lifting at the gym to bulk… you can change it up a bit with these simple ideas.

Come Backs


I am looking at comebacks from multiple angles on this post. For starters, I have been slacking in getting my posts accomplished, so my new comeback is to make sure I get more consistent for you guys 🙂
So lets look at some comebacks: nutrition plans, workout routines, employment, relationships, you name it… you can “fail” at any and decide to make a comeback. I know that failing is something we do and have to accept as a learning tool, but I don’t want to look at is necessarily as failing but not reaching the goals or deciding something just isn’t good for you and being able to step back and head your life in a new direction, maybe a better path more intended for you. Fail has such a negative connotation sometimes that I like to put a positive spin on the term. Failing with a nutrition plan is no big deal, one bad meal will not make you fat! Much like one great meal will not make you skinny. Just get back on track and don’t look back… you can do anything you put your mind to, and this same concept works in your workout routine. One missed work out won’t kill you, but you have to get back to it ASAP!! Don’t let your workout habit become less of a priority because you slacked off for a few days. Get back to it!! Now failing on a more personal level, relationships or jobs, is not a fail! If the situation isn’t right for you and it doesn’t make you happy, then it was not a path you were intended to be on it. Choose to make those changes and just go for it!




Who Do You Want To Be?



In order to ensure I am providing a “no excuses” blog topic, I want to include this do anywhere workout. You can literally do it…. wait for it…. anywhere!! Do you have a living room floor? If not, I am not here to judge… but the park works well too, those things are free to the public. Pretty cool stuff. Just do it, no excuses will be accepted here. Someone who is busier than you is working out right now, think about that. Decide what goals you have… figure out what it will take to get there and take it one step and one day at a time 🙂

I am going to go analyze my goals as well. I know that I want to get to the gym/barre studio at least 4 times a week. Check. I want to work on getting those Bitchin’ Abs I mentioned, not there yet…. still working on it though. what’s next?? well let me tell you… becoming the person that I want to be. Last week’s Allison was pretty cool, but this week’s is an improvement, and next week…. she’ll be even more awesome and a little bit stronger. Maybe a lot stronger, I’ll aim for that.


Drinkin’ the kale-aid




A lot of people get on these kicks of popular diet trends or food trends that make Absolutely no sense. A friend of mine had a woman tell her she didn’t way carbs… Monday through Friday, but binged on carbs over the weekends. WHAT?! How about “no! Don’t do that!” Fit people don’t diet, they make eating healthy a lifestyle. Constantly making good choices, picking the things that our bodies will appreciate. So here’s a few reasons you SHOULD hop on the kale train: it’s a nutritional powerhouse, naturally detoxes, chock full of vitamins that support brain health, eye sight, it’s an anti-inflammatory, can help prevent some cancers and offers cardiovascular support. On top of that, as if it’s not enough, it can be easily used in a lot of meals: blended into smoothies, added into pastas and casseroles, and hello CHIPS, delicious kale chips. A simple recipe has been included for this one. Enjoy!

Cupcakes… Protein Cupcakes



So the boyfriend was having a sweet tooth craving the other night, which is weird for him… and myself, so I had nothing to offer. No candy, no chocolate, not even an old snack in the cupboard. So being the guy he is, not much for half-assing, he grabs some cake mix and my Herbalife Rebuild (mmm protein) and went to work making himself a cake while I napped on the couch at 10pm. But in the morning I had a mess to clean up and a half eaten cake sitting in the fridge, yes I said half! He’s lucky I like him. This led me to my decision to head to Sprouts, get some organic Chocolate cupcake mix and made delicious Protein filled chocolate cupcakes that I can freeze for future sweet tooth attacks. You can never be too prepared I guess!! I also made Protein banana bread, but that’s more of a breakfast treat 🙂 Still delicious either way. So here’s to having your cupcakes and getting your protein too!

Looking forward…



Part of a healthy lifestyle is being happy with all aspects of your life and this means following your own dreams, knowing what you need out of life as well as what you want. Your relationships, friendships, career, etc should all be a part of your plan. One of these things making you unhappy? Get rid of it! Change is hard but spending your life unhappy is harder… You let someone else run your life and ignore your dreams, you’ll never reach your own potential.

I bring this up because I am in a job that I hate terribly. Today is the day I have decided to start looking for something to move my life in the right direction. I’ll be giving two weeks notice probably by the end of the week and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I should be nervous about what’s next… But I’m not. I can’t wait for what is next, where I’ll be going is only up from where I am.